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Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame

<p>Longtime executive Dave Elmore was inducted into the PCL Hall of Fame on July 26, 2014, during a ceremony in Colorado Springs</p>

Created by the Helms Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles in 1942, the original Hall of Fame was founded to honor those players, managers or executives who contributed most to the ideals of the League. The Helms Foundation was established by founder Paul H. Helms, a Los Angeles sportsman and philanthropist and was more nationally known for naming the annual NCAA football national champion team. Following Helms' death in 1957, the United Savings and Loan Association became its benefactor. A subsequent merger with Citizen Savings was completed in 1973 and in 1982, First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo) assumed sponsorship for its final rankings.

The original 'greats' named to the Hall included Jigger Statz, Frank Shellenback, Doc Crandall, John Bassler, and Earl Sheely. A Hall of Fame room was established at venerable Wrigley Field on June 27, 1943. With the 1958 arrival of Major League Baseball in the PCL's two largest markets, the Hall was largely forgotten. As part of the 2003 Centennial Celebration, the PCL Hall of Fame was revived and twenty new inductees were added, made up expressly from the League's history prior to 1957. As selected by the PCL's Hall of Fame Committee, over the next several years, the absent years will be made up for, eventually recognizing those most worthy of this distinction, pre- and post-1957.

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