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Meet the Mascots


He’s here! He’s tall! He’s Horatio! He’s the wisecracking mascot of the Lake County Captains. This cormorant learned a lot about baseball while in his egg and his new pal Skipper schooled him on the rest! A voracious learner, this sly seabird is hep on everything Captains and pop culture, old and new!

Height: 6 foot 6.

Weight: Unknown. He won’t stay still long enough on the scale.

Species: Double Crested Cormorant.

Foot Size: Big, wide and webbed!

Birthday: April 6, 2023.

First Appearance: Opening Night, 2023. Introduced to the world via Tweet (naturally)

Resides: The old Fairpoint Lighthouse. Visits Mexico in the offseason to watch winter ball.

Jersey Number: 19. He’s a big fan of Bob Feller.

Bats: Midges.

Throws: Cream Pies.

Favorite Foods: Anchovy pizza and anything with gills.

Favorite Stadium Food: The Moby Dick Sandwich.

Favorite Movies: Major League, Captain Horatio Hornblower.

Favorite Bands: The Byrds, A Flock of Seagulls, Phish.

Favorite TV Shows: Great Lakes Fisherman’s Digest, Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Favorite Video Games: Untitled Goose Game, MLB The Show.

Favorite Sport Other Than Baseball: Irish Hurling (best description from Bob’s Burgers: “It’s like if hockey, soccer and baseball had a baby and they joined a gang that liked to balance eggs.”)

Favorite Teams: The Captains, The Guardians, Toledo Walleyes.

Hobbies: Thinking of practical jokes to play on Skipper.

If I Weren’t a Mascot I’d Be: Captain of a Laker, or the first Astrobird on the moon.


Hey there! Skipper here, your favorite baseball buddy and the official mascot of the Lake County Captains. I'm super pumped to see all you baseball lovers ready to visit our amazing team! There's nothing I love more than a game at Classic Park, surrounded by our awesome fans. So come on out and hang with me, I promise we'll have a blast! See you at the stadium!

Height: 6'0"

Weight: A little too much (Too many hot dogs)

Shoe Size: Very Big

Birthday: July 31st

First Appearance: Captains Opening Day - April 10th, 2003

Resides: Captains Cove, a small tropical island in the middle of Lake Erie

Jersey #: 0

Bats: Not the best but I try hard!

Throws: T-shirts, hot dogs, baseballs, anything!

Favorite Food: Hot dogs

Favorite Color: Navy Blue and Gold

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Favorite Band: The Beach Boys

Favorite TV Show: Sponge Bob

Favorite Video Game: Fortnite

Favorite Sport Other Than Baseball: Water skiing on Lake Erie

Favorite Team: The Lake County Captains

Hobbies: Dancing on dugouts and racing kids across the field

If I Weren't a Mascot I'd Be: A movie star


The Baseball Bug

Triumphantly returning to baseball after a 42-year retirement, the Baseball Bug’s new role goes beyond just entertaining the crowd; he will also serve as a mentor to our existing mascots, Skipper and Horatio. The Baseball Bug might not be the fastest mascot, the silliest, or as energetic as he once was. He also may need to ice his knees periodically in between innings. But rest assured, he still has some gas left in the tank to show these two young guns the ropes.

Stats coming soon!

Mascot Appearances

Are you looking to bring some baseball fun to your event? Look no further, because Horatio and Skipper are here to help! The Captains mascots love making appearances at community and private events, and would be happy to join in on the fun at yours. If you're interested in having Horatio or Skipper attend your event, just send us an email using the link below. Please note that mascot appearances are typically limited to two hours, and there may be a travel fee for events outside of Eastlake.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Provide a private location for the mascot to prepare for the appearance

  • Mascot appearances are typically reserved for Captains corporate partners, season membership plan holders, and non-profit organizations. If you'd like to become a partner and request an appearance, feel free to contact us at 440-975-8085.